The duo

The "Duo Larimar" was founded in spring 2007.

Since this formation the two spirited pianists, Anna-Maria Lloansi and Olivier Lloansi, are playing together as a piano duo and also on one piano for four hands. They have made it their mission to revive the beautiful, much too rare concerted music for this ensemble.

Because both musicians have independently collected early chamber music experience, they are now giving concerts regularly as piano duo among others in Germany and France, for example at the "Pablo Casals" Festival in southern France in February 2011.

In 2009 and 2010 the "Duo Larimar" received a "Special Mention" for his outstanding interpretation of works by Schubert and Poulenc at the International Competition "Edvard Grieg" in Oslo / Norway.

In addition to their musical activities, the two pianists are interested in psychological research and its application in making music and teaching.
They are both trained and practicing hypnotists and their musical work is enriched by these knowledges.