Anna-Maria Lloansi

Anna-Maria Lloansi was born in 1981 in Leipzig / Germany and can already look back on a long musical career. At the age of five she began to learn piano and flute.
Later she also played French horn in the Youth Symphony Orchestra at the musicschool "Johann Sebastian Bach" in Leipzig. After graduating from the Special Music School in Markkleeberg, Anna-Maria Lloansi studied piano, instrumental accompaniment and music pedagogy at the Conservatory "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" in Leipzig.
She completed her studies in 2007.

As an accompanist, she traveled with various instrumentalists through Germany, Romania, Czech Republic and France, and was successful in this role for example at the ARD Competition, the Competition in Markneukirchen and double bass competitions in Bucharest and Brno.

Among others Anna-Maria Käßĺer shared her enthusiasm for chamber music as musical director and singer in the vocal ensemble "VOCALPHONIE" and as a singer in other chamber choirs, for example, "Josquin des Prèz" and the Ensemble "Concerto Sacro".

She regularly attends masterclasses in chamber music. In August 2008 the artist was employed as a pianist at the "International Pablo Casals Festival" in the south of France. There she had the opportunity to work with renowned musicians, for example Marie-Luise Neunecker, Michel Lethiec and Frans Helmerson.

Since spring of 2007 Anna-Maria Lloansi is pianist of the "Duo Larimar" (piano duo) and she holds a teaching post as an accompanist at the Conservatory Leipzig since October 2007.

In addition, the artist teaches since October 2009 at the LISZT School of Music Weimar and gives piano lessons to children, adolescents and adults, for example as a teacher at the Music and Art School "Clara Schumann" in Leipzig.

In 2010 Anna-Maria Lloansi also completed a professional training for hypnosis at the TherMedius Institute for medical and therapeutic hypnosis in Berlin and since then she is also practicing hypnosis for artists and musicians in and around Leipzig (